17 12, 2012

You are the 20th Recruiter to call me!

December 17, 2012|applying for a job, basics of professional courtesy, dealing with headhunters, how to work with recruiters, inappropriate questions, job search advice, lack of motivation, practical tips, recruitment|

One of our recruiters just got off the phone with a candidate who left the impression of being both conceited and arrogant. Perhaps it was not his intention to be rude, but when you start the conversation by sighing and saying, “you are the 20th Recruiter to call me,” you are bound to come off as [...]

16 06, 2011

Basic Professional Courtesy

June 16, 2011|basics of professional courtesy, rules of networking|

I am always surprised when my emails go unanswered. I am not talking about emails I send to prospective clients or candidates, but rather those sent to people I have actually met and spoke with on more than one occasion. I have one contact in particular, to whom I reached out three different times to [...]