13 06, 2011

Do workplaces need professional dress codes?

June 13, 2011|business attire, professional dress code, what to wear to an office|

Lisa Epstein, from Monster.ca, asked a great question on LinkedIn – Do workplaces need dress codes? My answer? Absolutely not!Employees within a professional business environment are adults and do not need to be babysat. When you hire someone, it is because you were impressed with his or her qualifications, background and professionalism. If you entrust [...]

21 12, 2010

What Not to Wear (to a job interview, of course)!

December 21, 2010|business attire, dressing for interview, interviewing, looking for a job, Monster.ca, professional dress code, what not to wear, what to wear to an office|

Quite honestly, I never thought that there were many options as to what one should wear to a job interview. However, I stumbled upon an article on Monster.ca that made me realize that there were multiple possibilities suggested to job seekers. Surprising! First of all, let me share my advice. If you are aiming to [...]