17 12, 2012

You are the 20th Recruiter to call me!

December 17, 2012|applying for a job, basics of professional courtesy, dealing with headhunters, how to work with recruiters, inappropriate questions, job search advice, lack of motivation, practical tips, recruitment|

One of our recruiters just got off the phone with a candidate who left the impression of being both conceited and arrogant. Perhaps it was not his intention to be rude, but when you start the conversation by sighing and saying, “you are the 20th Recruiter to call me,” you are bound to come off as [...]

12 07, 2012

My Love Affair…with Recruitment

July 12, 2012|applying for a job, canadian recruitment, dealing with headhunters, find a better job, headhunting, how to work with recruiters, interview stories, job search advice, meeting with a recruiter, Montreal headhunters, Montreal recruitment, potential employer, practical tips, recruitment, recruitment industry, soft skills, unhappiness at work|

Our last blog post made me stop and think – why is it that I am so passionate about Recruitment? What is it about this field that motivates me more and more with every passing year? Why is it that I would not leave this industry, no matter how sweet a potential offer? Everyone’s experience [...]

28 03, 2012

Rules of Engagement

March 28, 2012|dealing with headhunters, meeting with a recruiter, Pronexia's business model|

At Pronexia, we pride ourselves on many things, one of which is how selective we are both with our corporate partners and the candidates alike. We only choose to align ourselves with the companies we truly believe in and are proud to have as our partners . In parallel, we are highly selective with the [...]

2 12, 2011

Don’t play games – just be honest!

December 2, 2011|dealing with headhunters, looking for a job, recruitment|

The bottom line of everything I am about to write can be summarized with the following: If you are interested in a job and hope to be selected out of all the candidates in the running – show it, be upfront, don’t hide your enthusiasm and stop playing “Mr. (Ms) Cool”.As a headhunter, I obviously [...]