1 08, 2013

Interviewing: Bring your own questions to the table

August 1, 2013|answering interview questions, inappropriate questions, interview questions, interviewing, job search advice, meeting with a recruiter, potential employer|

Many people imagine the interview as a barrage of questions coming from only one person - the interviewer. However, your next experience doesn't have to be like that and, in fact, it shouldn't! In addition to being prepared to think on your feet while answering the interviewer's questions, you should also bring your own inquisitiveness [...]

26 06, 2013

The Definition of an Interview

June 26, 2013|answering interview questions, inappropriate questions, interview questions, interview stories, interviewing, job search advice, job seeker, looking for a job, meeting time, meeting with a recruiter, networking, potential employer, practical tips|

in-ter-view (n): A formal meeting in person, especially one arranged for the assessment of the qualifications of an applicant. mon-o-logue (n):  The Greek root word monologos translates to “speaking alone,” and that is a monologue: one person doing all the talking. Some people talk forever in a constant monologue, never letting you speak. If two people talk [...]

7 01, 2011

Do you tell an interviewer your age?

January 7, 2011|handling illegal questions, inappropriate questions, interview questions|

In Europe, it is a norm for candidates to include extensive personal information on their resumes – age, marital status, number of children (if any). Canadian labour law, however, prevents employers from asking job seekers to disclose such details. What used to be common here too, no longer is. You might be surprised to find [...]

13 12, 2010

Interview as a Networking Opportunity for Jobseekers

December 13, 2010|interview questions, looking for a job, Montreal, networking|

We are always baffled when candidates refuse an interview for a job opportunity in their field. It clearly demonstrates one’s shortsightedness and lack of understanding of the power of networking. Unless the job description is completely unrelated to what you do or the client’s industry is in direct conflict with your personal values (e.g.: meat [...]

8 12, 2010

An aggressive candidate or a nervous job seeker?

December 8, 2010|answering interview questions, inappropriate questions, interview questions, interviewing, job seeker, looking for a job, potential employer, soft skills|

  Earlier today, I was reading a how-to book for hiring managers and recruiters, and it brought me back to a situation I had encountered in one of my previous jobs. The chapter I was reading discussed ways of dealing with an aggressive interviewee and suggested that a hiring manager should not automatically discard such [...]