17 05, 2013

Punctuality – at the top of interview etiquette!

May 17, 2013|answering interview questions, applying for a job, appointement, how to find a job, interviewing, job opportunity, job search, job search advice, job seeker, looking for a job, meeting with a recruiter, potential employer, practical tips|

  Preparing for an interview is key and punctuality should be at the top of the list. Being punctual says a lot about a person. It demonstrates that you are dependable, professional, serious and respectful of other people’s time. Whether you are commuting by public transit or driving to your interview, you should always research [...]

13 05, 2013

Social Media & Your Job Search – Please Don’t Post That Party Pic

May 13, 2013|applying for a job, branding yourself, corporate culture, CV blunders, how to write a resume, inappropriate questions, including hobbies on CV, job search, job search, job search advice, job seeker, looking for a job, online presence, social media, social media and HR|

There’s no doubt about it, these days we all spend a decent amount of our time on social networks.  Whether it’s checking out the latest viral video on YouTube, confirming our attendance to a friend’s birthday party on Facebook or searching for a new recipe on Pinterest – it’s become an everyday occurrence in our [...]

16 06, 2011

How to Find an Entry-Level Job – Suggestions for Recent Business School Grads

June 16, 2011|how to find a job, internships, job search, recent grads|

We already discussed in one our earlier posts how unfortunate it is that many business school students graduate with absolutely unreasonable expectations. As a McGill alumnus, I have been asked to participate in a mentorship program to guide new grads in their career search process. I am absolutely thrilled as I really wish someone had [...]

29 11, 2010

Do you need a cover letter?

November 29, 2010|cover letter, job search, Montreal|

There seems to be no consensus among job seekers regarding the use of a cover letter. We sometimes receive attachments that are multiple pages-long, whereas some applicants send their resumes without even as much as a sentence in either the body of the email or the subject line.First of all, let me point out that [...]

25 11, 2010

Utilizing Social Media in your Job Search

November 25, 2010|job search, social media|

There is no doubt that we are living in the age where our addiction of choice is being connected to the world around us via e-mail, iPhones, blackberries and the Internet 24/7 (or at least throughout our waking hours). We Facebook, Twitter, hi5, MySpace, blog and update our LinkedIn accounts continuously. We are voyeurs of [...]