13 05, 2013

Social Media & Your Job Search – Please Don’t Post That Party Pic

May 13, 2013|applying for a job, branding yourself, corporate culture, CV blunders, how to write a resume, inappropriate questions, including hobbies on CV, job search, job search, job search advice, job seeker, looking for a job, online presence, social media, social media and HR|

There’s no doubt about it, these days we all spend a decent amount of our time on social networks.  Whether it’s checking out the latest viral video on YouTube, confirming our attendance to a friend’s birthday party on Facebook or searching for a new recipe on Pinterest – it’s become an everyday occurrence in our [...]

29 12, 2010

“Voyeurism” on LinkedIn?

December 29, 2010|LinkedIn, profile views, social media|

If you are an active user of social networking sites, you probably know that, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn offers its users transparency when it comes to seeing who views their pages. It is a great option since it allows you to have an idea of the types of individuals (their titles, location, etc.) that are interested [...]

25 11, 2010

Utilizing Social Media in your Job Search

November 25, 2010|job search, social media|

There is no doubt that we are living in the age where our addiction of choice is being connected to the world around us via e-mail, iPhones, blackberries and the Internet 24/7 (or at least throughout our waking hours). We Facebook, Twitter, hi5, MySpace, blog and update our LinkedIn accounts continuously. We are voyeurs of [...]