11 12, 2013

Three recruiters contacted me for the same job via LinkedIN! Is this normal?

December 11, 2013|Job hunting tips|

  Could you share your opinion about the following situation: in the last two days, I have been contacted by three distinct recruiters via LinkedIn. They sent me the very same job description. It's unlikely that the employer hired three HHs to fill in a single position, so it looks like they simply took it [...]

27 11, 2013

My Journey from Leaving Pronexia to Back Again!

November 27, 2013|Behind the Scenes|

I started with Pronexia Inc three years ago when they were just starting out in the basement of a Westmount office. As Pronexia's first ever employee, I worked closely with the two founders - two young women like myself - who had taken a risk to leave their steady careers and open up their own [...]

26 11, 2013

Tips on Concocting a LinkedIn InMail… or Why Recruiters get what they Deserve

November 26, 2013|Hiring advice|

Recruiters tend to have a bad rep. Many wear it as a badge of honor and take pride in the monetary gains that are still associated with outdated sales practices. Others lament the lack of respect they receive from the business community, yet don’t do much to change the face of our industry. I recently [...]

19 11, 2013

“Firing” a Client is painful but inevitable for your Reputation

November 19, 2013|Behind the Scenes|

“Firing” a Client is painful but inevitable for your Reputation And here are some anecdotes from our short, yet seemingly long, company history to illustrate the point made in the last blog entitled “Pronexia’s 3rdYear Anniversary and the Key to our Success” (you can find it here: http://bit.ly/1gugFWa ). In our first year of operation, [...]

7 11, 2013

Pronexia’s 3rd year anniversary and the key to our success!

November 7, 2013|Behind the Scenes|

Pronexia has recently celebrated its 3rd year anniversary. The date was a significant milestone considering the less than impressive statistics of our booming industry. According to numerous studies, 50% of recruitment start ups in North America do not survive their one year anniversary and 80% do not make it to the two year mark. Celebrating [...]