Jason Finucan
Founder & Stigma Expert

stigmaZERO Its vision is to work towards a future without stigma, and our mission is to help employers eliminate stigma in the workplace.

Jason Finucan is a professional business speaker, consultant and expert on the stigma surrounding mental illness. He developed his innovative, 3-tier stigmaZERO Workplace Program in order to help clients reduce the cost of workplace mental illness and improve productivity – all while working towards a future without stigma. Jason founded stigmaZERO to open people’s minds up to the reality of stigma. Having experienced both a major physical and mental illness, he has first-hand experience of how negative – and truly unnecessary – stigma could be. Jason’s hope is to empower employers to overcome this challenge, which is the key to better managing mental illness and ultimately reducing the associated lost productivity.

Mathias Durand
Sales and Leadership Consultant


Mathias is a coach and a motivational speaker. After many years in the corporate business and leading international teams, he believes that sales and leadership are two of the most important skills to learn and regularly improve throughout life. He’s now dedicating his time teaching companies how to motivate, develop and support their teams.