Many of our clients have won prestigious and coveted awards:

  • Apple Design Award
  • Canadian New Media Awards
  • Emmy in Engineering
  • Montreal Employer of Choice
  • CMA Digital Innovation Award
  • #1 product in Canada in its category

We have had, and continue to have, the pleasure of working with such companies as:

  • Web technology firm whose web-site is in the top 100 for site traffic worldwide
  • Digital animation studio
  • Publishing house
  • Top e-commerce sites
  • Property management consultants responsible for prestigious real estate in the city
  • Manufacturer who is currently revolutionizing the security industry at an international level
  • High end interior design firm
  • Haute-couture retailer
  • Entertainment software developer
  • Social networking site
  • One of the most sought-after marketing agencies in the country
  • Financial consulting firm, one of Montreal’s employers of choice
  • Start ups that have been featured in TechCrunch