Alright, so we know that company culture is one of the most critical elements for a company’s success: it shapes both the internal and external essence of any business. But what is company culture really – and how can we all begin to develop our own, take it to the next level, and benefit from it?

In 2015, we organized a unique, day-long event unlike any of its kind (the very first in Montreal): an introductory exploration to company culture. While our conferences have covered several topics since then, it’s become clear that everything comes back to company culture – and we were compelled to dive deeper with it. Insightful, passionate, uber-smart and deeply fun might describe your company’s culture – but it definitely describes our conferences.

We’re culture experts, employer branding specialists, and recruitment pros. We’ve been exposed to hundreds of companies across Canada (and beyond) – and we continue to be fascinated by the unique DNA of companies: culture. Company culture has inspired us for years, and we are excited to let it inspire you, too. We’ll bring the knowledge, the world-class speakers, the amazing environment and the notebooks. Leave your business card, bring your opinions.

All About the Event:

  • All-day offsite event taking place in a stunning Montreal venue
  • Inclusive + diverse talks in both English and French
  • World-class speakers + thought-leaders from top organizations in the city
  • Absolutely no sales pitches (we mean it!)
  • Breakfast, lunch and cocktails (and excellent coffee) served throughout the day
  • 30-minute speaker-sessions; 1-hour workshops; plenty of time for networking
  • Learning, knowledge-sharing, and tangible take-aways that can be implemented immediately

Some of the Topics We’ll Be Covering:

  • How to implement a culture of creativity as a recruitment and retention tool
  • Engaging millennial employees as a company’s best brand ambassadors
  • The “A to Z” on creating and optimizing the ultimate company retreats
  • Mental health in the workplace: awareness, understanding, and best practices
  • 85% of millennials want to work remotely; how do you build an efficient + effective program?
  • Leveraging social media as part of a successful employer branding strategy
  • Navigating a new marriage: merging two cultures post merger/acquisition

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”
– Simon Sinek