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The Brains

Our backgrounds enable us to understand the nuances
of our clients’ businesses and their recruiting needs.

Identifying and evaluating top talent is our forte.
Our combined commitment to deliver
results is at the very top of our agenda.

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Moranne Elarar
Founder & Chief Client Strategist

Marina Byezhanova
Partner & Chief Headhunter

Jordan Greenberg
VP of Business Development

Stefano Faustini
Manager, Recruitment Strategy & Innovation

Carole Viger-Berman
Client Strategist

Lanisa D. Farnsworth
Recruitment Coordinator

Stephane de Roussan

Kenneth Brain
Client Strategist

Christy Kirkley
Client Strategist – Vancouver

Daniel Matan

Arnavi Mehta
Recruitment Coordinator

Tyrone Cavalcante
Account Manager