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Allison Spence
Client Strategist

After spending even just five minutes with Allison, a few things become clear almost instantly: she’s outgoing, laser-sharp smart, and tough as nails. If the phrase “no bullshit” could ever take a human form, it would unquestionably be embodied by Allison. Does it come from her fascinating mix of Metis and Irish blood, notoriously-tough ancestral backgrounds? Maybe. From her bold and adventurous experiences travelling and living across the world for over a year? Perhaps. Does it fit perfectly with the uncompromising and revolutionary culture inherent to Pronexia? You bet.

Born and raised in Calgary, Allison made the move to Montreal eleven years ago (with a brief stint in Toronto) but hands-down confirms that Montreal has her heart (and probably always will). Armed with an infectious desire for continuous knowledge and cultural exploration, Allison has a background in fashion marketing, sociology, and English literature, with an interest particularly focused on First Nation and gender issues. Well-read, well-traveled, and passionate about making positive contributions to society, Allison is a long-time volunteer at a Native Women’s shelter: her passion for connecting with people across different social and cultural spheres is tangible, real, and impressive.

Allison’s more than ten years’ experience in customer service and account management laid the foundation for the natural and organic shift into sales. Her love for building real relationships with clients based on honesty, integrity, and trust is almost spiritual, and embodies a lifetime of exploration of genuine human connectivity. Not surprisingly, her closest family members are also in sales, and have built incredible careers in relationship management over the years. Yes, sales are very much in Allison’s blood, and a promising career is naturally only a matter of time – but on her own terms.

Deeply competitive by nature and an avid sports-player (yes, she’s good at every sport you can think of) Allison has a drive to continuously push herself and to transform the circumstances of her situation – something which easily reflects itself in her incredible work ethic. If you’re around le Plateau, you might see Allison in Parc Lafontaine walking with her beautiful dog Hank (her second husband), running back to finish up the amazing (healthy) treats she’s probably baking back at home.

Engaging, outgoing, hard-hitting: Allison is a true force to be reckoned with in every sense – and it won’t take long for her clients to realize it and to be utterly impressed.

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