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David Hurley
Client Strategist

To sum up David quickly: outgoing, energetic, passionate, socially-conscious, athletic, and the type to get along with a CEO or with your grandmother equally well.  Now let’s get down to the story.

David is, by all accounts, a true “Montrealer” through and through (Denis Coderre, if you’re reading this, please put David on a billboard somewhere in Montreal).  Born and raised in the West Island of Montreal, David’s cultural mix of Anglo-Irish and French-Canadian descent make him a strong reflection of the province he hails from.  His roots go deep in the community: his father was a former police chief for the city of Montreal, and David has established an incredible number of connections to the local socio-political causes he supports.  He also maintains numerous close ties to non-profit community-based causes: if you’re hanging out in the West Island or Ile-Bizard, it’s likely you might see David spearheading Christmas food-basket drives, organizing hockey-competition fundraisers, and going door-to-door collecting money for the needy.  And yes, that’s just on his spare time (does the guy ever sleep?).

Enter another resident Pronexia athlete: David is one of those people who excel at every sport he plays – though hockey took a special spot in his heart.  At 17, David left Montreal for Saskatchewan to pursue his dream of playing professional hockey.  However, it was clear his hometown was calling him back: returning to Montreal 3 years later, David worked at several retirement homes in the West Island (is there anything better than having 150 grandparents?) and landed his first sales job.  From then on, the path had become clear: David was made for sales, and his incredible abilities to connect with people throughout his life, to build real relationships, had laid the foundations for a successful sales career.  He completed his degree in Human Relations at Concordia University and went on to make waves around the city.

Feel like he looks familiar?  No kidding: living and breathing sports, David worked as a Co-Host for “Reid Between the Lines,” a primetime sports-related television show which continues to run weekly across the city.  He’s been seen mic-in-hand on the field at Blue Jays games, rink-side at Canadiens games, and turf-side at so many Impact games they practically have a seat reserved for him.  David continues to write freelance articles for a number of local publications (The Montreal Gazette, the Suburban, etc.) on everything sports-related.  

Eventually, David transferred his hockey skills to the kitchen: he loves cooking (almost as much as he loves eating) and can easily be spotted sitting at a new restaurant or bar in Montreal.  Focused on his sales career, David is dedicated to building concrete, long-lasting, and genuine connections with his clients.  Passionate, energetic, and driven, David embodies a zest for life which is rare, refreshing, and infectious – and we couldn’t be more excited to have him (and his cheesy sports quotes) on the team.