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Ira Dixon
Client Strategist

Meet Ira Dixon – Pronexia’s first Client Strategist on our Vancouver team.

In a job market abuzz with stereotypes about the Millennials, Ira quickly refutes every single one of them. Truth be told, there’s nothing cookie-cutter about him.

Ira based his educational and career decisions on pure passion – something many of us want, but few of us have. Wanting to gain perspective on the world’s mechanics, he opted for a degree in Political Science. This desire for seeing everything anew is what convinced him to bring his talents to non-traditional models of recruitment. And clearly, Pronexia was a natural fit.

The notion of testing oneself and pushing boundaries is something he holds close. Ira is a risk taker and likes the adrenaline rush. He believes you have to be resourceful and that sometimes you just need to take the leap of faith. You’ve got to be transparent with clients and help them do the same.

Clients are always at the center. For Ira, this means understanding client motivations and exactly what they want and need for their organization. And when the two don’t always fit, Ira is there to guide clients and ask the right questions. Ira is not a Yes man, but a Why man.

If you want something predictable and square, then you need a boring and predictable agency. If you need the opposite, then Ira is it. But don’t mistake his youth for unfounded eager. He’ll prove you wrong again and again.

LinkedInirad@pronexia.com604.428.1653 x1