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Natasha Kukkar

When it comes to Natasha, one thing is clear: layers. So much more than what meets the eye, Natasha may come across as uber-professional and poised (which she is) upon first meeting her; but after a few short minutes, it becomes clear that she is nothing short of fascinating.

Born and raised in Toronto, Natasha spent the majority of her adult life in the city, never straying too far from home. However, in early 2017 she decided to make the (right) decision to move to Montreal to settle down and build roots with her Montrealer husband. Having studied at Humber College specializing in Business and Human Resources, Natasha got a taste of the recruitment industry and hasn’t looked back since. Now armed with more than 4 years’ professional experience in recruitment, business development and customer service, Natasha is one of these people that seem almost born to interact with both candidates and clients. Natural, smart, and laid-back while remaining deeply hard-working, Natasha embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Pronexia.

Here are a few curveballs. Natasha comes armed with 2 Diplomas in Hairstyling and Make-Up (she has secret dreams of opening her own beauty business one day); she speaks 4 languages fluently and is slowly working on her fifth language: French (it’s tough, we’re with you, Natasha!) A dancer from a very young age (Bollywood and Belly Dancing), Natasha is almost a natural athlete: she maintains a disciplined workout routine that Gym trainers would be intimidated by, and is on her way to doing kickboxing shortly. Deeply spiritual, Natasha meditates every morning without fail. Still, even meditation can’t hold her back from her love for desserts (chocolate, cakes, cookies – you name it, she’s into it) – and we certainly support that love. Red wine and Bollywood movies when it’s Fall outside form the perfect night to her; just don’t ask her to do the laundry – ever.

Passionate, focused, smart and outgoing, Natasha has a bright future ahead – and we’re glad she’s on our side.

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