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Stephane de Roussan

Stephane earned his sociology degree studying at the University of Wisconsin and Concordia University in his hometown of Montreal. At Pronexia, his focus is mainly in high tech, web development and digital marketing. He has also been tasked with filling the more niche, hard-to-fill positions, and has delivered every time.

Sometimes you just know. It’s magic. It’s fate…

Ok, we didn’t come up with this quote – we stole it from Sex and the City. But it’s exactly how we felt when we sat across the table from Stephane de Roussan while interviewing him for an external position. We’re not kidding – when you spot the good ones, you need to act quickly!

He is courteous, dynamic and extremely bright. But it was his humble nature and professionalism that sealed it for us.

When he is not working, Stephane dives deep into any one of his lifelong hobbies. A huge fan of sports, he regularly plays basketball, baseball and football. He also has a huge passion for sketching and the creative arts. His father was an artist in France so he often jokes it is in his blood, but we can vouch for the talent part too!

We know you will love working with Stephane. His humility and confidence are contagious. But when he’s unsuspecting, make sure to ask him about his deep, unexplainable fear of clowns.

LinkedInsderoussan@pronexia.com514.931.8244 x29