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Tanika Phillips-Edwards
Executive Assistant

Like most members of the Pronexia team, Tanika embodies an incredible sense of balance: part bubbly, outgoing and talkative yet part focused, quiet, and deeply intuitive, Tanika’s strengths can hardly be put into words; she’s someone you need to meet and know to truly understand (and, quickly, be impressed by).

Born and raised in Montreal, Tanika has roots in Montserrat, a picturesque island in the middle of the Caribbean. Well-traveled and well-read, Tanika has spent time in Africa, Jamaica and other parts of the world – her passion for learning new things and having new experiences is seemingly endless (when she goes into “research” mode, it’s nearly impossible to pull her out). After attending Vanier College and after spending a 4-year stint working for an athletic physiotherapy clinic in Montreal, Tanika’s passion for administration quickly came to light: she was rapidly promoted among the ranks, becoming the youngest member to ever have grown so quickly in the clinic’s history. Intensely curious, smart, hyper-organized and deeply driven, Tanika keeps it real at all times: she is straightforward, to the point, and doesn’t mince words (which we absolutely love).

Looking for some more? Tanika comes with impressively-strong skills in some of her favorite hobbies such as doing nails, hair, make-up, and interior design (she’s obsessed with an app called “Design Home”). Deeply competitive, she has officially been banned by her closest friends and family from playing Monopoly or any other board game (she’ll beat you, we promise). Armed with the incredible and natural ability to strike up conversations with strangers, it’s normal to see Tanika chatting it up with anyone from senior executives to building superintendents and electricians. Though people naturally seem to gravitate toward her, Tanika has the remarkable ability to focus, “get in the zone” and to get stuff done – and we’re incredibly grateful for that ability.

A whirlwind of positive energy, Tanika is an absolute joy to anyone she interacts with – and we couldn’t be happier to have her.

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