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Tanya Ayala
Headhunter & Recruiter

It’s difficult to describe a person who is by nature so multi-dimensional. Part introvert, part extrovert, part hip-hop, part classical music, Tanya is the definition of the millennial that you want to (need to) know about.

Born in Winnipeg yet growing up in Kitchener, Tanya permanently moved back to Montreal in early 2017. Well-traveled and well-read, Tanya comes armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Professional Writing from Concordia University. Spending a number of years working in customer service and sales in the telecommunications industry, Tanya was almost immediately promoted to a supervisory role in every company she worked for (we definitely see why). After receiving her paralegal license a few years’ prior, Tanya abandoned law for a field where good news is generally more often given out to people.

Enter recruitment. Tanya’s strengths as a Recruiter come in a number of ways. Deeply sales-y and competitive yet somehow equally laid-back, one (brief) conversation with Tanya makes a few things clear almost immediately: she’s passionate, super smart, easy for anyone to connect with, and is simply downright genuine. Like most people at Pronexia, Tanya possesses the brains, the charisma, and the drive to make a real difference in peoples’ lives – and to do it with passion the whole way through.

Looking for more? Tanya has a serious passion for beauty trends and products, and she even runs her own beauty blog on the side. Nights and weekends can consist of anything from researching new cacti plants and succulents to add to her collection (yes, her office feels like a small greenhouse) to completing lessons toward her certification in Google Analytics. Active on Twitter and with a ton of interesting things to say at any given moment, Tanya may or may not take her day-to-day business inspiration from the TV show “The Office” (she considers herself a mix of Pam Beasley and Kelly Kapoor). An avid cello player in high-school orchestras, she’s looking to pick up the cello once again in the coming year (as long as you’re not practicing at the office, Tanya). Nobody is certain of much nowadays, but Tanya knows one thing for sure: if she won the lottery, she’d immediately embark on a travel adventure across the globe on a pizza-tasting tour.

Uber smart, deeply down to earth, and just a true pleasure to know, we couldn’t be happier to have Tanya as a member of the Pronexia crew.

LinkedIntanya@pronexia.com 514-931-8244