As you are mapping out the strategic plan of action to find your next hire, let us share with you why and how dealing with Pronexia and our competent headhunters will add value to your search. We challenge ourselves to search beyond the expected.


Pronexia’s team has nearly a decade of experience building a vast network of top professionals within various disciplines. We are in constant contact with the rising stars and the gurus across a variety of verticals. We are constantly cultivating our network inside and outside office hours. Partnering up with us offers you access to our high calibre connections and gives us the opportunity to promote your company among the brightest minds of the city.


Our candidate presentations arrive with a detailed summary of the candidate’s work history and personal profile according to your requirements. Throughout our methodical recruitment process we focus on meticulously gathering every bit of information so that you can evaluate how the candidate will add value to your team. We commit to answering all of your pre-qualifying questions during our in-depth screening process to ensure that you only meet with the most suitable contenders.


We value your timeline. Because speed is of the essence, we will shorten the length of your recruitment cycle. Pronexia’s team will deliver a highly targeted group of candidates who meet the unique criteria of your search, focusing on both technical requirements and organizational culture ensuring an absolute fit.

Discretion & Negotiations

For us, negotiating is part of our core competencies and we put it to work on your behalf. We work with you to craft, extend and negotiate the offer for your final choice candidate.

Career Consulting

As a pledge to our working partnership, we offer you full access to our expertise and remain available for any questions you have as we progress with the search. We review the status of the search and re-visit the drawing board if need be. Pronexia is committed to long lasting client relationships and we stay in close contact even after the hiring cycle is concluded.