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It All Starts with Your Company Culture.

We are Canada’s only Headhunters who audit your company culture and build you a culture playbook as part of your hiring journey. Once we understand your company’s DNA, we work directly with your internal leaders to find top talent for their teams.

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The Secret to Hiring A-Players

70% of people quit their boss, not their company

We have demystified company culture vis-à-vis our unique culture audit methodology. And now our mission is to make human-to-human hiring the most important part of your culture.


The secret to our incredible success rate is hiring for people, not for companies. Understanding the DNA of your company is only the first step in our process. Employee experience ranges from team-to-team, from one manager to the next. As part of our recruitment methodology, we get to know each one of your internal leaders in order to make our search personalized, targeted, and long-lasting.


We hired A-players for ourselves and for hundreds of leaders in top companies across Canada. We offer a network of top performers who are not applying to ads or posting their profiles on job boards.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. This is why we put culture at the center of our hiring strategy for you.


We are lifelong learners – and we know you are, too. From customized workshops and trainings for your teams to breakfast-and-learns at our office, we offer our annual Culture conferences, monthly HR Influencers’ meetings, and more.

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We really want to get to know you.

You hire based on fit? Great start. The perfect recruitment partner should do more than achieve the desired outcome; they should make the process enjoyable for you along the way!

If you are looking for a sourcing partner that provides an influx of CV’s, or endless candidate pipelines that are “kept warm” until you’re ready to hire, Pronexia is not your partner. If you are obsessed with candidate experience, committed to company culture, and are a lifelong learner, then you will love Pronexia and every member of our team!


We are old-school in some ways. We know that visiting your office and meeting your internal leaders in person enhances the hiring process.


We will spend at least 1 hour talking about your company and not your job opening. Culture-based hiring is at the core of our hiring methodology.


No fluff. Our process is clear and our KPI’s are clearly defined and transparently shared with you. We set expectations based on data we track and analyze.


We are headhunters specializing in mid-level, senior or niche roles. While we do not take on junior mandates or engage in mass recruitment, our team provides you with customized training solutions to give you the tools to fill these roles yourself.

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Steve Jobs has a saying: “A-Players hire A-Players; B-Players hire C-Players; and C-Players hire D-Players. It does not take long to get to Z-Players. This trickle-down effect causes bozo explosions in companies.”

Our solution? To only hire A-Players at our company so that we in turn recruit A-Players for yours!

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