A Fresh Start

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Here at Pronexia, we like to post on our blog regularly–at the very least once or twice per week–but you may have noticed that you haven’t heard from us in more than two weeks. The reason for this short hiatus is that we have undergone a major office expansion project. We’re very happy with the added space, the new office layout, and, of course, our signature “Pronexia orange” paint (pictures can be found on our twitterpage). But we have found another benefit to this project, more important than our stylish, new furniture:
The opportunity to re-examine our business with a fresh perspective!
We have channeled our excitement for this expansion into excitement for the company’s short and long term future. We have reassessed such things as organization, internal relations, and day-to-day tasks on every level. We’ve set higher goals, created more efficient processes to attaining such goals, and intensified our attention to detail. We are already seeing some positive results, and expect to continue to reap the benefits of our re-vamped efforts.
Now, what about you?
Have you found yourself fruitlessly applying to jobs all summer long, becoming more and more frustrated with your job search? The good news is that most people have returned from their summer vacations, including hiring managers. While summer hiring tends to advance slowly, September is when the hiring process seems to revive itself.
To press the reset button on your efforts, consider why you have not yet successfully found a new job–does your CV look professional? Are you sending brief, yet tailored cover letters to each employer? Are you calling too aggressively, turning off the hiring company’s interest, or are you not following up on any of your sent CVs? Are you applying to the right jobs…are you networking and connecting with professionals in your field? You get the idea. After considering these things, create a new plan of attack, consulting others for new tips and ideas that your earlier attempts may have been lacking.
Whether you have been trying all summer long to find a new job or you have taken some time off from the job search, the summer lull is over and you have an opportunity for a fresh coat of paint. Take the time to re-evaluate you current employment situation, re-assess your goals, and create the path you need to take in order to become the professional self that you wish to be. If you are in need of further inspiration, take a look at our expansion project photos on twitter, as well as current job openings and job hunt advice!