About Pronexia

A Recruitment Firm –
But So Much More.

Pronexia began as a new-generation recruitment firm launched in a basement office against all odds. Things have changed since then, but one thing remains the same: we want to leave our mark through our interactions with people. What else, after all, could be more important than people?

Nice to meet you!

Companies are only as strong as their people – yet calling us “strong” would be an understatement.

Each day we stay grateful to our incredible team of smart, driven individuals who build real relationships every day.

We’re quirky, our backgrounds are diverse, and we bring our unique vibe to everything we do.

Our mission.

To make “Human to Human” hiring the most important part of your culture.

When we founded Pronexia in 2010, our raison d’etre was to refute old school recruitment practices. Through relentless commitment to spreading our message, we inspired many others in the industry to follow suit.

Time for a new mission!

Although we are culture-obsessed and have even developed our own culture assessment methodology, we believe that culture is overrated when it comes to hiring. Did you know that 70% of people leave their boss, not their company? This is why we believe that H2H hiring will replace the conventional company-driven hiring processes.

How We Work

  • Pronexia caters specifically to small & medium-sized businesses
  • We do not take on temporary mandates and do not engage in mass recruitment
  • We meet with every single client (hiring managers & job seekers)
  • Every consultant at Pronexia is a master networker. Our impressive connections and our reputation with candidates set us apart
  • Our strong internal company culture allows us to hire and retain the best recruitment consultants in the industry
  • We are not a 9-5 type of firm. When you need us outside of office hours or even on the week-end, we make ourselves available

what are our values?

Pronexia’s values are not written on a cube neatly stacked in everyone’s back drawer. We stay true to the core values which dictate everything we do, both internally and externally!

WOW Candidate Experience.

Emotional, stressful roller-coaster: that’s what the job-search process can feel like. Leaving people with a “wow” feeling of their experience with us is our way of making the world a little better.


We know the key to a successful relationship is all about monogamy and trust. We want to go all the way with our clients: it’s only possible if we keep things exclusive between us. Sparks will fly, we promise.

Team First.

Our team is our family. No, we’re not a “clique” – but we do protect our team’s interests, passions, and happiness. Sometimes we argue, but mostly we eat meals, work hard and look out for each other. Team first!

Keep Your Bias to Yourself.

We are not an escort service: we do not accept companies placing “orders” rooted in bias for the types of employees you want or don’t want. We work daily to reduce bias in the workplace, not encourage it.

Laugh it Off.

Some of us are amateur comedians; some of us are not funny at all. Still, we make a choice each day to bring out the humor in every situation. When things get tough, we laugh it off and move forward.

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    Who We Are & How We Work.

    Partnerships are a two-way street

    A core component of our process is getting to know our clients, staying fully transparent and building real trust. It goes both ways – and we are eager to share more of who we really are, too.

    Learn how we make it all happen

    Your success is entirely dependant on how we work, who we are, our leaders and our culture. Walk through our office, feel our vibe, see what we are all about.