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Behind the Scenes

We are a team of New Generation Headhunters. Besides consulting some of the country’s top entrepreneurs on their companies’ culture, we are also passionate about our own! Read on for an inside scoop on all things Pronexia, #nofilter!

1804, 2016

A Millennial who does not suck!

April 18, 2016|

Think all Millennials suck? Think again! Unless you have been living somewhere under a remote rock, you must be growing at least a tiny bit tired of the overabundance of countless articles, posts, blogs, and video segments lamenting the shortcomings of the youngest generation, Gen Y (aka the Millennials). They are called lazy, entitled, self-absorbed [...]

504, 2016

Meet the Expert! Q&A with Eric Hogue, PHP developer

April 5, 2016|

As a Headhunter with Pronexia, you have the privilege to meet, interview and build relationships with some pretty awesome people from every corner of the globe. That includes everyone from Fortune 500 VPs to visionary entrepreneurs, physicists from MIT to developers from ground breaking start-ups. In recruitment, it’s important to know where people come from, [...]

2903, 2016

Wondering how to hire incredible employees? Here is what to look for!

March 29, 2016|

A Guide to Hiring A-Players Through our offices in Montreal and Vancouver, we work with some of the coolest businesses in the country helping them hire, scale, and reinforce their impressive company culture. No matter how complex, unusual or mainstream their search, our clients turn to us with one common request - to show them [...]

2903, 2016

How I Hired a Kickass Team – and How You Can Too!

March 29, 2016|

Tips on Hiring a Team of A-players Can I boast a little? I promise I’ve got some tangible, and hopefully helpful, tips for you also. So, here it goes. I’ve got a kickass team. A team of rockstars, A-players, or whatever other buzz word that is in vogue nowadays. I’ve got a team that makes me feel proud, [...]

712, 2015

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, Montreal edition

December 7, 2015|

At Pronexia, we are fanatic about entrepreneurship + giving back to the local community of entrepreneurs. This year, our Co-Founder Marina Byezhanova undertook a major initiative on behalf of Entrepreneurs' Organization and launched Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) in Montreal. GSEA is an absolutely unique addition to the local entrepreneurial eco-system in that it is the [...]

1703, 2015

Women at #SXSW: Tough as…Nails

March 17, 2015|

Tough as ... Nails South by Southwest 2015 is in full-swing and rounding toward its close. An awesome event overall for several reasons: the western world focuses its attention, for at least one full week, on innovative things happening across a variety of media platforms. Rooms are full of interesting people dedicated to sparking interest [...]