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Job Hunting

Our Headhunters share the tricks and tips on landing the perfect job and optimizing your career! We have amassed best practices from hiring for the country’s employers of choice and are not holding back on sharing them with you. Read on to discover what top hiring managers wish you knew!

1110, 2016

Non-Cheesy Interview Tips (or how to rock your interview)

October 11, 2016|

The real talk brought to you by Montreal headhunters Tired of cliche interview tips? Let's talk about good-looking recruiters, money discussions and the do's and dont's of swearing in interviews. Does your Recruiter happen to be exceptionally good-looking? Awesome – conversing with someone who is easy on the eyes for 45 minutes straight never hurt [...]

410, 2016

Non-cheesy PRE-interview tips & tricks

October 4, 2016|

  aka: Interview Tips to Help you Kill it Before You Even Get in the Door Serious candidates are available candidates. You saw a job posting online that looked perfect for you? Great! You applied to my job ad and guess what: I was excited to call you! I just did but... your voicemail is [...]

2709, 2016

Your interview is coming to an end. Now what?

September 27, 2016|

  Your interview is coming to an end. Now what? 33% of hiring managers claim to know whether or not they will hire someone they interview based solely on the first impression. Scary number considering that first impressions can surely be misleading and essentially mean that one third of people hire - or pass - based purely [...]

1705, 2016

JOB ALERT: Web Designer (Augmented Reality)

May 17, 2016|

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504, 2016

Meet the Expert! Q&A with Eric Hogue, PHP developer

April 5, 2016|

As a Headhunter with Pronexia, you have the privilege to meet, interview and build relationships with some pretty awesome people from every corner of the globe. That includes everyone from Fortune 500 VPs to visionary entrepreneurs, physicists from MIT to developers from ground breaking start-ups. In recruitment, it’s important to know where people come from, [...]

403, 2016

9 Tips for your next Cover Letter (Infographic)

March 4, 2016|