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Job Hunting

Our Headhunters share the tricks and tips on landing the perfect job and optimizing your career! We have amassed best practices from hiring for the country’s employers of choice and are not holding back on sharing them with you. Read on to discover what top hiring managers wish you knew!

1305, 2014

Ditching résumés from the interview process!

May 13, 2014|

How surprised would you be to walk into an interview with a recruiter who does not have your CV? No, not because he expected you to bring a copy, but because of the new trend - resumes banned from interview rooms. According to Anna Lambert from Shopify, Ottawa-based high tech success story, this innovative approach [...]

505, 2014

Recruiters, enough with misguided and self-serving advice!

May 5, 2014|

Long gone are the days when supply outweighed demand and job seekers had to go an extra mile to stand out and appease recruiters and hiring managers. While top headhunting firms are now recognizing the need to differentiate in order to engage potential candidates, outdated advice to job seekers still abounds.   Let’s take for [...]

1112, 2013

Three recruiters contacted me for the same job via LinkedIN! Is this normal?

December 11, 2013|

  Could you share your opinion about the following situation: in the last two days, I have been contacted by three distinct recruiters via LinkedIn. They sent me the very same job description. It's unlikely that the employer hired three HHs to fill in a single position, so it looks like they simply took it [...]

411, 2013

Is your CV helping your job search?

November 4, 2013|

  As a job seeker, your CV is almost always going to be the first impression you make to any prospective employer. And you surely know, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression - so it's essential that your CV represents you in the best possible light. As professional recruiters, [...]