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Caught a bad case of summer fever?

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Do you find yourself wanting to do nothing more than sip your iced tea (or sangria) in the sun? Or maybe you find yourself hopping tirelessly from one BBQ to the next. In both cases it seems nearly impossible to plunge into your job search, or anything else that requires a degree of persistence.

Recognize the symptoms people…you may have summer fever!
While we all need moments to indulge in fun-in-the-sun, it’s important not to take a three-month hiatus from your plans and goals, especially the job hunt! Sure, you’re expected at your niece’s graduation party, you have to go to your best friend’s wedding…but if you’re not careful, you will find the summer weeks flying by with little more to show for it than a great tan.
Re-evaluate your priorities and consider this summer fever remedy:

1. Set personal, reasonable goals. Determine the number of CVs you should be sending out per day, and make sure each cover letter and CV are pristine and tailored to each job posting. Otherwise, you could be wasting your [summer]time and effort.

2. Create clear, strict deadlines. Follow up on previous applications, and compile a list of new job openings by mid morning. Then apply to your target number of positions before lunch so you have the rest of the day.

3. Reward yourself.  Use those summer plans as a motivation to stay on task until your daily or weekly goals are complete, and, when the time comes, enjoy the moment free of any guilt due to job-hunt procrastination!

It may not be a novel strategy for you, but whether you’ve heard this advice or not, it only works if you put forth some effort…and what could be more worth your efforts than finding a job that not only helps you pay the rent, but stimulates you and suits your professional background and potential?