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If you pride yourself in having built a world class company culture, we would love to be your recruitment partner. Let us show you why we are different and what we are all about.

Candidate Experience

We know that job-searching can be stressful. “Candidate Experience” is more than just a buzz-word for us – it’s one of our core values as a business.









Recruitment firms directly source candidates who meet your niche requirements for each role. Usually that requires a headhunting strategy, especially when you need to find someone with specific industry experience.

When Deville Technologies needed to build out the company’s executive team, Pronexia was able to source out top candidates who were not only perfectly aligned with the company’s vision and values, but also had all of the tangible skills that meant a lot less time spent on training and integration. Partnering up on multiple key mandates also allowed us to ensure the right synergy and alignment between the new hires. To quote Deville’s Founder, Pronexia played a direct hand in the company’s rapid and impressive growth!

International reach

The local market is tight, yet most Canadian companies don’t have access to international talent. Solution? Partnering up with a recruitment firm that can source, qualify and present you with overseas candidates looking to move to Canada!

Caprion Biosciences spent over a year trying to fill a key leadership role. They exhausted the candidate pool across Canada and contacted Pronexia for help. Within 2 months, we found their ideal hire in Europe!

Lower attrition rate

An experienced recruitment partner knows which parts of your culture or the role to leverage to “hook” the right candidate. Attracting candidates who are right for your unique organization ensures they stay with your company longer.

Fundraising Direct struggled with retention. Our team assessed their internal culture, identified the most attractive pillars within it and crystalized the profile of their ideal hire. Result? Over 80% of our recruits are still with the organization and thriving!


Building a pipeline of candidates when you don’t have an existing network already is time consuming. Time is a luxury you do not always have! Recruitment firms have established relationships with thousands of candidates across multiple verticals.

When Symetris was urgently looking for a Project Manager to join their scaling team, Pronexia found their ideal hire within 10 days!

Outsourcing your mundane tasks

Hiring is fun but many tasks related to it aren’t! Reviewing hundreds of CV’s, pre-screening dozens of candidates, conducting preliminary interviews, scheduling, coordinating, sending out tests, processing background checks, doing references are the tasks a recruitment partner takes off your plate.

Fednav is an employer of choice and a company that enjoys some of the lowest turnover in the country. Their incredibly selective approach to hiring translates into a recruitment process that is complex, including multiple interviews and personality tests. Pronexia invests countless hours to handle these steps, allowing the team at Fednav to focus only on meeting the top candidates and hiring the best one!

Social media

Over 70% of Millennials found their last job through a social media platform! Modern-day recruiters are leveraging social media as another source to find top candidates who might not be applying to job ads.

When People Like Us was looking for an Account Director and exhausted the pool of available candidates through job ads and even partnering up with a couple of local recruitment firms, it was time to bring on Pronexia to get the job done! We found their ideal hire by leveraging our team’s visibility on social media. Personal branding is a priority to us and it gives us unparalleled reach as a result.


What is your main focus? Is there a specific industry or type of company you work with?

70% of people quit their boss, not their company. This is why we have shifted our focus from hiring for companies to hiring for inspiring leaders. We are industry and department agnostic but do place immense focus on partnering up with organizations who share our values of WOW candidate experience and prioritizing their employees above all else.

We do not engage in mass recruitment or temporary hiring. However, we offer recruitment training that can help you learn all of the tools to handle these hiring needs internally!

How do you find your candidates?

We have 4 main sources of finding candidates:

  • Job ads. Our job ads are atypical: they focus on your company culture and your hiring manager more than required skills and qualifications. Our team members are master writers and create jobs ads that act as attraction magnets.
  • Headhunting. Our expertise lies in filling niche roles and this requires a strong outbound recruitment strategy that we tailor to each specific search.
  • Our network. Our many years of experience in recruitment, as well as our market reputation of being candidate-centric, have translated into a network of “raving fans.”
  • Social media. We expand our network on a daily basis at a rapid rate through strong personal brands of our Consultants. We leverage our social media presence to generate awareness about our own brand and the key openings you need to fill.
What makes you different from other recruiters?


We are the only Recruiters to walk the walk when it comes to company culture. As culture experts, we are your source of information on data, trends and behind-the-scenes culture initiatives of other organizations.

When you partner up with us for your hiring needs, we use our proprietary algorithm to calculate your Company Culture Score. It becomes the core pillar of our recruitment process, which helps ensure that we find the right people for you.


Sales and marketing models have shifted from B2B and B2C to H2H. But what about hiring? Statistically, 70% of people quit their boss, not their company. So, isn’t it time we started recruiting for the hiring manager instead of the company?

At Pronexia, we think so!

We adjust the criteria of our search depending on the unique DNA of the team for which we are hiring within your organization. Your amazing bosses should act as hiring magnets that attract top talent to your company, and we make it happen.


We move as fast as you do. If you tell us that you are under a deadline, you can rest assured that your mandate will receive our absolute focus.

Need to have someone in place yesterday? If you call us today, you will have a signed employment offer by your dream hire within 42 days.

Our Network

Over the years, we have built an exceptionally loyal network of “raving fans.” We achieved that by making candidate experience a core value. Delighting our candidates has been weaved into every step of our recruitment process.

When we see a potentially perfect match, the people in our network trust us and explore further even when not actively looking for a new opportunity. This trust enables true transparency so that we can ensure alignment or catch issues that flag misalignment along the way.

Continuous learning

Are you a lifelong learner? Great. So are we!

As our client, you are:

  • Guaranteed an invitation to our annual Culture Conference {link to the next one}
  • Invited to our breakfast-and-learn workshops
  • Offered customized recruitment training tailored to the needs of your organization

If you are an HR leader, you are also invited to join the HR movement through the HR Influencers association we are building.

How quickly will you find me someone?

We move as quickly as you do! Our typical recruitment cycle is 42 days from the time you entrust us with the search to the day you have a signed employment offer by your ideal hire. You will receive the first profile during week one of our partnership and our clients interview an average of 3 candidates for each role.

What happens if we partner up but find someone on our own?

We work with clients on the basis of exclusivity meaning that we are the only recruitment partner on each search. However, we encourage our clients to be open to promoting internally, asking employees for referrals and even trying to fill a role on your own! 80% of all positions are filled without ever being advertised or promoted anywhere. Ideally, you go through the internal steps before we engage in a partnership. However, we understand that things happen! If you fill the role on your own, you incur no fee.

How do you help us assess our culture?

We have identified the core pillars that, as a sum, reflect your organizational culture. Our proprietary culture score algorithm and an in-person discussion of findings allow us to paint a full picture of what makes your company both a unique and an awesome place to work.

Why do you need our culture score to get started?

You partner up with us so that we can find you the best people and save you time along the way. Having a real insight into your unique company culture allows us to achieve both!

I am working with another recruitment firm at a rate lower than yours. Why should I pay more?

As with any vendor, rates are a reflection of the product / service you are receiving. There are many factors that you should consider before partnering up with a recruitment firm that is right for you. A lower cost solution might be the right choice, which is why we prepared this checklist to help guide you as you search for the ideal recruitment partner for your company.

What is HR Influencers all about?

In early 2019, we launched the HR Association of the future: an order of HR professionals who crave something different.

We meet monthly, invite world-class speakers, brainstorm and learn from each other.

It is about time HR gets influenced.

Where does your name come from?

Officially, “Pronexia” is a compound word: pro (“professional”) + nexia (“connection”). The unofficial story? Like any good entrepreneur, our Founders hustled to get clients before choosing a name for their firm. Once our first-ever client asked for a formal contract, a scramble ensued for any available web domains. “Pronexia” was available, and a quick logo was drafted. The meaning of the word may have been intentional or may have been a complete coincidence – but we will leave it to you to decide.

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  • "I can’t say enough about how awesome the Pronexia team is to work with. They’ve been instrumental in helping us to execute on our vision for team and culture at Tungsten. We’ve worked with half a dozen or more “headhunters” and no one took the time to really understand our needs, and then deliver on what we were looking for, like Pronexia did."

    Darryl Hicks
    Darryl Hicks Serial Entrepreneur, CEO – Tungsten Revenue Consultant

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