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Coming to a Potential Employers’ Office Unannounced

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Despite our many years in recruitment, it never fails to surprise us when the receptionist calls to let us know that there is someone to see us without an appointment. What does it mean when a job seeker shows up at reception without a scheduled meeting? Interestingly, many candidates think that it is a sign of being a proactive go-getter. I am yet to meet a hiring manager who agrees!
If you are interested in an open position, you should email your resume to either HR or directly the department you would like to join. If you already applied and have not received a phone call, showing up unexpectedly will hardly convince the hiring manager that your background is, in fact, a fit for the role.  If you think that your dashing good looks might help you get the job, consider including a photo with your resume! It is a norm in most European countries and is slowly becoming popular here, too.
What if there is no opening listed anywhere, yet you would love to join the company in question? Consider using social media to your advantage! Connect with other employees at the company via LinkedIn and then reach out to them to discuss topics of interest. Slowly you could build up to finding out what opportunities exist within the firm. You could also mail your business card or your portfolio (depending on your field of specialty) to the hiring manager.
Gone are the days when calling or showing up at the employer’s door were the only ways of appying for a job. Think of creative and modern (yet non-intrusive) ways of standing out from other job seekers and impressing a potential employer. Showing up unannounced is most certainly not one of them!