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Company Culture Event in Montreal

 In Behind the Scenes

#GotCulture Event in Montreal

Most people hate (ok, strong word – profoundly dislike) recruiters and HR personnel. I cofounded Pronexia four years ago with my brilliant partner in crime to disrupt the industry, change the image and push the boundaries of what was expected. What started as a small project brewing in the basement of a swanky office we shared in 2010 was actually the beginning of a movement.

In April of last year, we pulled together all of our resources and, along with our incredible team, hosted a first of its kind event in Montreal. It was a learning and sharing day between incredible speakers and carefully selected attendees who focused on the topic of Employer Branding, i.e. a company’s image as a place of work. The outcome blew my mind. Our #NewSchoolHiring event trended as #1 on Twitter and we received humbling, yet deeply inspiring feedback. But most importantly, we discovered that our passion for all things related to People (I personally dislike the word “employees”) was shared by many – entrepreneurs, marketers and yes, HR professionals and corporate recruiters.

We realized that the Montreal business community was ready for more – a more profound, authentic and brutally honest dialogue. So what better way to continue our mission of reinventing the industry than fostering this dialogue and providing the platform for the conversation to happen?

We tackled the image, the “looks”, last year. It is now time to look deeper – at the heart and the soul of a company, aka its culture. Time for our #GotCulture? event where we will be doing exactly that!

My main request to our speakers was to keep it real – and they are not about to disappoint: A highly successful entrepreneur sharing his profound dislike of HR. Another incredible entrepreneur tackling the often taboo topic of firing and offering his insight on the why, the when and the how. The GM of Uber Montreal, an international media darling, revealing what goes on behind closed doors. A VP of an adult entertainment company offering his take on building a company culture in an industry subject to many strong opinions. One of Montreal’s most prominent venture capitalists talking about successes and failures of hundreds of North American businesses that pitched directly to him, and how culture tied into the outcome. Frank & Oak, Breather, Pharmascience, TC Media, Shopify, Movember. How lucky are we to have such incredible businesses in Montreal? And how epic will it be when we bring them all together?

Oh, and we plan to have everyone meditate for an hour. On the floor. On yoga mats. Did I tell you we had started a movement? This is just the beginning.