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Excerpts from Cover Letters & Résumés

 In cover letters, CV blunders
We decided to wrap up the holiday season by sharing with you excerpts from cover letters and résumés that put a smile on our faces in 2010. Enjoy!
“In response to your advertisement for the position of ____ , I beg to offer myself as a candidate for the same.”
I do All types of computer work under the different Widows OS, formatting And installing softwares, HTML,  Flash and more, Basically any software under any windows operating system, Office all versions, Extensive knowledge of internet and the use of it.”
“Hope and pray for a favorable consideration of my application.”
Stil Kickin since 1980
“I am a happy-go-lucky student, graduating this December from University ___ “
 “Hi, I just want know if you like someone to work part time, I leave my CV and I appreciate your time. Thank you!!!”
“I believe i Have the skills you need fot this job..”
I am fully bi-lingual English and Spanish and conversational french…”
I consider myself a problem solver and believe that everything has a solution specially in Technology”
 “I am vey passionate about technology and knows what is going on ,with all OS.”
 “More than a professional, i am a girly girl at heart”.
“Here i joint my resume,and hope some of your news soon!”
Subject line of an email: “i might be a marketing guy”
“I greatly desire being part of this new movement in organizational development, which moves away from the belief that employees are limited people.”