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Are we a placement agency?

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“Placement agency” is an archaic term, from which we would rather disassociate ourselves. At proNexia, we believe that our value extends much further than simply “making a placement”. Our passion lies not in the final result alone, but rather the journey we take networking with the top businesses in the city, choosing which companies to align ourselves with, analyzing our clients’ needs and embarking on the process of finding them their star candidate. Our process goes beyond posting ads and waiting for applications. We are constantly reaching out to the top specialists in the field to benefit from their expertise, be aware of the market and partner up when a suitable position becomes available. Our approach to candidates is not “How can you be useful to us?” but rather “What can we learn from you?” and “What can we offer to you?”. In the past few months, we have had the privilege of interviewing the best minds in the fields of Marketing & Communications, Real Estate, IT, Engineering, Sales and Health Care, among others. We are staying in touch with these individuals regardless of what positions we have at the moment. We believe that the key to a recruiter’s success lies in being connected to the top players in their respective fields.
Prospective clients sometimes ask us if we have a database. Well, we somewhat do – the city of Montreal and the professionals in our beautiful city are our ‘database’. We do not keep neat files with dozens of CVs, but rather foster and keep an open dialogue with the brightest minds and constantly grow our network. It is through keeping in touch with people, receiving referrals and recommendations that we grow our business.
As modern recruiters who live and breathe social media and networking, we pride ourselves in being readily available to all of our valuable contacts. We might not have a position for everyone, but we are certainly here for advice or any questions you would like answered. This blog is another way for us to keep the dialogue going. We share our knowledge and advice, but constantly learn from potential candidates via their feedback and the topics they suggest we cover.
So no, we are not a ‘placement agency’. We are recruitment consultants and we take real pride in our modern and human approach.