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Beat the Summer Fever

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Do you still find yourself wanting to do nothing more than sip your summertime iced tea? Or do you now find yourself feeling an unhealthy mix of guilt and anxiety? We tried to warn you…

Several weeks ago we wrote a blog entry addressing the symptoms and perils of ‘summer fever’. This epidemic, by definition, affects more than just you. Maybe you can’t seem to motivate yourself to write another cover letter, or maybe your social calendar is chalk full of summer activities, pulling you away from this summer’s most important task: finding your next job! You, and countless others are realizing that it’s already the 7th of August, and September is only just around the corner.

But there is still time to give the job search a good, whole-hearted effort. The advice in the previous ‘summer fever’ blog included setting reasonable goals, creating deadlines for yourself, and rewarding yourself as you hit your targets. But now that we are already well into August, maybe you are realizing that you need a stronger antidote. Today’s advice is about turning your summer fever excuses into motivation to take your search to the next level and achieve your next career move.

Excuse #1: The hiring process is too slow because companies are on vacation.
True, in many cases it can be harder to move forward while important decision makers are on one or even two weeks’ vacation. However, many of your fellow candidates are enjoying vacation season as well (remember, summer fever is an epidemic). This means that if you consistently and persistently apply to positions that interest you, the temporary decrease in competition gives you a better chance of standing out.

Excuse #2: There are very few job offers.
This may also be true. Some companies choose not to focus their energy on filling positions during the summer when they know they can find candidates in September. However, some companies who are hiring during BBQ season are doing so out of urgency. They may be looking desperately for good candidates to fill key positions immediately, especially if half of their current staff is taking advantage of their vacation time!

Excuse #3: But it’s summer–I don’t want to skip weddings and barbecues!
No one wants to miss out on the summer fun, and the worst way to go about the job hunt is to spend day after day locked up inside, in front of your computer screen looking at an infinite number of job offers. As was said in the previous post, you should reward yourself with these activities and allow yourself to enjoy the season. Equally as important, this is a great opportunity to speak to your friends and even make new contacts that could direct you toward an opportunity that you never would have known of otherwise. Networking is key to the job search, regardless of the season.
As with anything, there must be a balance between work and play. If you are truly a serious job seeker, seek out any advantage or opportunity you may have to make your next career move. This requires a degree of research, fine-tuning CVs and cover letters, and follow up calls and emails. But when entitling yourself to summer soirées, don’t fall victim to summer fever–or its accompanying excuses!