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Do you spend over 100,000 minutes a year feeling miserable?

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If you work a full year at 35 hours / week with four weeks off, it amounts to over one thousand six hundred hours (or over one hundred thousand minutes). That is an insanely high number – probably higher than the time you spend with your family or friends, and definitely higher than the time you spend pursuing your hobbies. Naturally, it would make sense to spend it feeling happy, valued, respected and energized.
As a recruiter I come into contact with dozens of applicants and potential candidates on a daily basis, and it often shocks me to see how long one can put up with being miserable at work. After having interviewed over a thousand people throughout my career, I must have heard it all – unacceptable work conditions, insane bosses, unstable co-workers… I have heard and continue listening to crazy stories and wonder again and again what makes one put up with all the misery. Is it because you are wondering if the grass is really greener on the other side?
It is!
It really is possible to wake up in the morning eager to go to the office, excited to see your colleagues, inspired to speak with your boss and pumped to accomplish everything the day has in store for you. Not only is this possible, you really shouldn’t put up with anything less! If you love your job but hate the work environment and shut your door as soon as you walk in to block everyone else out, why not find another firm where you can do the same thing but be happy with your surroundings? If you have a crazy boss who micromanages your every move, talks down to you, spreads gossip and goes through emotional ups and downs on a daily (or perhaps hourly) basis, why don’t you find a boss who will inspire you and teach you new things? If you are surrounded by uncultured coworkers whom you would be embarrassed to introduce to friends and family, why don’t you find a team you will be proud to associate yourself with?
I can honestly tell you that I am the happiest at proNexia than I have ever been in any job. I almost run to the office on Monday morning instead of dragging my feet lamenting that the week-end is over. I am inspired by the people in the office and feel that I am constantly learning from them. I know that if I am ever unwell, my teammates will step in for me and take on my tasks, as opposed to stepping on my toes in my absence. And I come across a great many people who are equally happy in their jobs! No offers of higher pay or promotion would ever make them consider another job (and trust me, I try!).
So, come on now! Let 2011 be the year you spend over 100,000 minutes feeling perfectly happy, content and thoroughly productive. Open the door you had closed shut this morning, walk through it and find a happier place.