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Excerpts from Cover Letters & Résumés – part II

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At the end of 2010, we shared some of the most hilarious or sometimes confusing excerpts from cover letters and résumés we had received that year. The time has come to share those excerpts that put smiles or evoked puzzled looks from our team members in 2011. Enjoy!

“I am looking to find a position on the Montreal side of Ontario so i can move out there.”

“Sir …
Director of human research”

“I would like to know if you have some career opportunities available? I need a career, I’m very intelligent and hard working.”

“Though an Indian citizen and on the wheels still have the zeal to work and contribute meaningfully.”

“I’m very factual reliable trustworthy and I’m a past learner.”
“Last year I met the woman of my life in Miami Beach and she is from Montreal and we decide to move there.”

“My command of the English language is above avereage and my personality has been described as passive/aggresive.”

“The penetration of IT in our daily lives is not just limited to being a buzz-word for fashion enthusiasts.”

“My name is ___ –nice to meet you!”

“hi i speak french and english im great in computers i repair computer hardware and software problems and i can reapir ipods and xbox i dont have a degree in computers but iv been working on them for over 5 years”

“I have extensive experience in retail, almost 6 years in the works!”

“I do not have a CV prepared, as I have not been actively searching; however, you will find mine in your mailbox tomorrow morning.”

“If by any chance you may have an opportunity for my son Marco, he’s got talent (act) and the looks (people say). May i send you his picture?”