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How To Scale a Business Organically and Authentically

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Aspiring entrepreneurs often asked us for advice on how to start a business and how to scale it. Pronexia is no giant corporation in size, but starting a company with zero investment, growing it fully through bootstrapping, taking it to 7 figures in revenue, all while being two highly dedicated mothers to 5 children between the two of us, has been no easy feat for my Co-founder and me.

The Timing

Our timing sucked when we decided to open Pronexia in 2010. As you probably remember, this was the time when we were all still coming out of the financial crisis. Most companies were nervous to hire. Those who were hiring were offering contracts instead of permanency. And here we were. Starting a hiring firm during the time when very few were actually hiring.

Our Focus

There are many factors that contributed to our success, but we stood out in a highly crowded market and gained traction faster than we ever expected thanks to a crystal-clear mission and our authentic core values.

Our mission was to refute old school recruitment practices. Our core value supporting the mission was to focus on candidate experience.

This was 9 years ago, when unemployment rates were scarily high and when “candidate experience” was not in vogue because most companies simply didn’t care.

Mission in Action

Pronexia was on a mission. We started talking about candidate experience, company culture, employee experience. Our team was refusing to work with prospective clients who did not share these values. We walked away from business that our bank accounts so desperately needed. We launched a conference series to talk about these very topics. Imagine our delighted when it got copied down to the verbiage of the written copy by another company several years later!

Imitation is the best form of flattery, they say. To us, imitation meant a lot more. To us, it meant that our mission gained momentum. If others started speaking the language we so boldly propagated, then that is the true power of a mission.

Refuting old school recruitment practices is becoming the new standard. New generations of recruiters, both internal and external, have bought into the importance of transparency, integrity, and true focus on candidate experience. Company culture is now a staple concept in most organizations.

We realized that it was time for us to pioneer a new standard. Time for us to redefine our mission and to revisit the processes that support us in our new quest! We proved that defining a high impact mission & staying authentic to it is the best way to scale a business organically. This is the time we are doing it again and taking Pronexia to new heights!

Click here to discover our new mission, the reasons behind it, what it’s all about, and how we are putting it in place already!