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“I am always open to new opportunities »…

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… is a terrible thing to say to a recruiter or a hiring manager.

What does it mean really that you are always available? Have you never been satisfied in a job to the point where you did not want to waste your time considering other opportunities? Is there nothing a company can do to ensure your loyalty even for a brief moment in time?

An ideal job seeker is someone who is not desperately searching for a new position, yet has a clearly defined reason why change might be appropriate – if it is. An ideal employee is someone who is committed, passionate and loyal to his or her employer. Someone who is “always available” is hardly an all-star performer dedicated to the job.

If your curiosity gets the best of you every time someone contacts you about a potential new opportunity, ask to have the details and suggest that you distribute them to your network should someone be potentially interested. Don’t pretend to be available if you are not and don’t feel compelled to explore every lead.

Constantly reviewing your options is not likely to bring you to the heights of your professional success. Sometimes it is best to focus on what you have and to optimize it instead of always searching for a marginal increase.