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Is the snow keeping you in today?

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As many of our candidates know, we very rarely re-schedule cancelled appointments. It is our firm belief that top performers – the kinds of professionals we aim to target – respect their commitments and obligations. We have had candidates make it to the interview in spite of car accidents, sicknesses and other unexpected events.

This morning we woke up to a major snow storm, and Weather Canada predicting up to 40 cms of accumulation throughout the day. We hesitated about opening the office but of course came in, to honor all the booked appointments.

Our first interviewee of the day was actually early. The second and the third were on time. As is usually the case, the less impressive job seekers called or emailed to reschedule. And although the drive home will be a challenge today, I almost wish we had extreme weather conditions every day.

What better and easier way for recruiters to separate top candidates from the run of the mill?