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Let’s Talk: Open Communication with Your Recruiter

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Looking for a new career opportunity is a full time job that requires a tremendous amount of effort on the jobseeker’s part. The stress of having to take time off of work to interview with recruiters and potential employers can take its toll. Nonetheless, it is imperative to be well prepared and focused for an interview. Equally as important, it is essential that there be clear communication–before and after the interview–between the job seeker and the recruiter connecting them to potential employers.

As recruiters, it is our responsibility to share valuable information and insight with our candidates before they speak with the hiring company. It is our hope that this will enable the candidate to perform well during their interview with our clients. 

Another invaluable aspect of good communication in the recruitment process is feedback.  This is a shared responsibility for both parties, and one on which we must follow through promptly.  A phone call following the interview should be the candidate’s number one priority! Not an email, nor a text message–texting should not be a candidate’s means of communication with recruiters and potential employers.

The follow up call is the candidate’s opportunity to share his or her excitement, level of interest for the role, or perhaps voice any concerns that they may have.  This is crucial information which will help determine the next steps of the process.

Open communication is absolutely essential when in search of the next great career opportunity. Discussion is a key element for recruiters, as it enables them to be in tune with their candidates’ expectations. You’ve already put forth so much effort to arrive to the interview stage, now let us help you evaluate the outcome.

That being said, we’ll be waiting for your call following your next interview!