A Millennial who does not suck!

A Millennial who does not suck!

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Think all Millennials suck? Think again!

Unless you have been living somewhere under a remote rock, you must be growing at least a tiny bit tired of the overabundance of countless articles, posts, blogs, and video segments lamenting the shortcomings of the youngest generation, Gen Y (aka the Millennials). They are called lazy, entitled, self-absorbed and simply not as fabulous as Gen-Xers and definitely not nearly as phenomenal as the Baby Boomers. Considering that these subpar employees now account for over 50% of the workforce, you’d think companies all over North America would be crashing right about now.

Well, as a company run by Millennials, we’ve had the absolute fortune of seeing these generational myths proven wrong time and time again.

This week is a special one for us at Pronexia as we celebrate a very special milestone of an equally special Millennial on our own team! This post is an ode of sorts to our company’s very first Client Strategist Jordan Greenberg who has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Jordan joined our company in 2012 and is celebrating his 5 year anniversary with us this month! He came on board when Pronexia was still a true startup and set the bar scarily high for anyone else who has joined since.

He is a true example of a Millennial who refutes all of the tired stereotypes. To prove it (and because I am weirdly obsessed with lists), here are 6 reasons Jordan does not suck!

  1. Jordan is not a diva!


When Jordan met my business partner and me at the office we were subletting at the time, he was under the impression that we occupied the whole building and not just the basement part of it. Alright, we might have helped shape that opinion, but our company was barely a year old, we had no money in the bank and so we were understandably self-conscious. Don’t judge!

Serendipitous-nature of that meeting aside, Jordan ended up closing his own company called Social Media Boy and expressed his interest in working at Pronexia. We played it cool, put him through two intense interviews and gave him the job.

On his first day with us, Jordan found out that not only was his office located in the basement, but the desk was actually in the kitchen. Next to the bathroom and a microwave. Both of which were used frequently by the other tenant’s assistant and his numerous clients.

Well, guess what? Jordan did not even flinch. He did not lament the lack of sunlight in the office space. He did not moan about the inconvenience of his set up. And he did not complain about the toilet being flushed and the sink being used while he was making cold calls.

A couple of years later, we finally had money in the bank and were able to get our own space in the beautiful Outremont. Jordan got his new office with a captivating view of the Mount-Royal mountain. And guess what? He still misses the early days of our basement life when we were building Pronexia up together.

View from Jordan’s office in Outremont

2. Jordan is not judgemental!


My partner and I co-founded Pronexia while our kids were still babies. As most first-time Montreal mothers, I was stuck on mile-long daycare waiting lists and struggled to find reliable child care for my daughter. I ended up bringing her to the office on several occasions, secretly worried that Jordan would perceive me as unprofessional, disorganized, and simply not “business-like” enough.

Well, I was wrong.

As I busted it on the phones headhunting, recruiting and interviewing, Jordan chased my one-year old around the office making sure she did not climb the stairs (escaping the confinement of the basement, perhaps?), distracting and entertaining her. I am forever grateful, but even more so, Jordan has set the bar perpetually high. As we continue growing the team, my Co-founder and I expect anyone joining our company to understand and appreciate the eternal juggle of a working parent.


3. Jordan is profoundly loyal!

I will forever remember the first time I heard Jordan get noticeably angry. I had no idea who he was talking to in the moment and was taken aback when I found out that it was a client! This client had a bit of a crush on our handsome Client Strategist and was trying to engage him in some idle gossip about yours truly. Although most anyone else would have just joined in, simply to avoid jeopardizing a highly lucrative business relationship, Jordan is someone who stays true to his values above all else. He chose to speak his mind and to express his loyalty even though it so predictably translated into losing the client.

We often wonder where his deeply ingrained values come from – aren’t Millennials supposed to be disloyal and back-stabbing? This reminds me of the quote I came across:


Jordan comes from an amazing family. So, a big shout out to his phenomenal parents!

Lesson: if your children fit all of the ridiculous Generation Y stereotypes, take a long look in the mirror before blaming them.


4. Jordan is the anti-thesis of a typical salesman!

Jordan’s clients love him because he is not a typical salesman. When he calls a new company, it is because he is truly curious about their business. Jordan learns the ins and outs about his clients’ companies, stays on top of their news and feels genuinely vested in their growth. He is honest to boot, always putting Pronexia’s reputation, and his own, above all else.

His clients try to recruit him on a regular basis. We don’t hold it against them but would like to respectfully refer them to point #3!


5. Jordan understands one must earn the cred!


Many demand recognition before the job is done. The high maintenance work persona they have created for peers to follow is becoming very unappealing to employers. Jordan gets it – he has proven himself with hard work, dedication and a constant openness to learning and growing. From day one, when my partner sat next to him in our dark basement and trained him on tedious calls and follow ups, up until now when he mentors his teammates – Jordan never skips a beat. He believes in perseverance and always goes about the nitty gritty with equal enthusiasm.


6. Jordan is just so cool!

He’s just cool! He is so cool that we forgive his narcissistic tendency of checking himself out in every mirror on his way. Tip: if you are going out for a meal with Jordan, do not choose a seat with a mirror behind you. Jordan will never break his eye contact with you to check out his phone or to check out passers-by. Yet, for a stare into a mirror he will.

Jordan is stylish and smooth and has the coolest radio voice. He’s had prospective clients return his messages just to tell him that they would not use his services but felt compelled to call back to compliment him on his voice.

Jordan stylish

Jordan was in heaven at this client visit!


Jordan, you rock! We’ve grown together as these 5 years seem to have flown by. We have disrupted, won over some sick business, pissed off companies that we fired, had amazing client meetings and some that will forever remain our favorite anecdotes, hired A-players for our team and those of our clients, changed some people’s lives and inevitably changed ours.

You represent what Pronexia is all about and we are excited to continue our mission of refuting old school practices and flipping this industry on its head. We are proud to see you flourish in your new role of Vice-President of Business Development and are expecting a ton of pictures from your 5-year milestone trip to whatever crazy destination you select!

be like Jordan


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