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Out with the Old, In with the New

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No matter what the issue, it is always a fascinating conversation when comparing relevant, present day topics to prior generations. That can be said for any subject from sports to politics to global affairs, and in this specific overview, to recruitment. For both the recruiter and the job seeker, the same basic mentality is used when conducting their respected searches compared to 30 years ago. The process and approach is one that must be proactive, persistent and hardworking, but the actual methodology behind the process, has clearly evolved. The biggest change within recruitment and job seeking, are the tools used in searching for prospective candidates and employment opportunities.

Old School vs. New School

Within recruitment, and the same can be said for sales, the old school generation started with using a very basic, but hardworking method: the phone book, a phone and a desk. Eventually, those tools are expanded to a rolodex, a fax machine, a calendar and posts in a news paper. Thirty years ago, job seekers relied heavily on employment opportunities being posted in various forms of printed ads. Today, the concept of job posting hasn’t changed, but the medium has…

Fast forward to 2013, and the tools available to each party have come light years from where they used to be. With the global community being linked by the wondrous and ever growing Internet, new methods of seeking employment seems to expand on a yearly basis, and it only appears to be getting faster. At this point, the key is to just keep up! What print media did for recruitment 30 years ago, online job boards does for this generation’s job seeking community. Clearly the presence of social media has created a new medium for recruiters to find candidates, and for job seekers to find the next best employment opportunity. This online resource is essentially where employers and job seekers begin their first interactions with one another.

What’s stayed the same?

Though many of the resources in the job seeking community have changed, there are aspects which have stood the test of time… for now. It is safe to say that e-mail has become a mainstay as a primary method of communication, not only in the corporate world but even for friends & family maintaining relationships across different cities, countries and continents. However, there is a personal touch that is lost in digital communication. This is something that cannot replace picking up a phone and having a one on one conversation. Not only can you convey your intentions with more detail, but you can give a better sense into your personality and character.

Networking! Whether it is online or offline, social or professional, use your network to your advantage. This is a concept in the job hunt that has never changed. One of the most powerful tools at your disposal is networking, and the goal of expanding your network. Meeting with a recruiter (especially at Pronexia!) is a great way to broaden you network. Though the perfect opportunity may not be available immediately, who’s to say that one might not be available in the near future? This can be a vital resource which a recruiter can provide a job seeker. Again, it is essential for job seekers to maintain momentum, stay motivated and remain persistent in your goal of finding your ideal job.

Bringing in the New

When looking at new school techniques, Pronexia is driven to be at the forefront of the newest, leading edge techniques to provide candidates with their ideal jobs.  The idea is to utilize these new school methodologies such as social networking, and add a personal touch of getting to know the candidates and discover exactly what they’re seeking. Finding the perfect fit for both candidate and client is absolutely necessary, and this way of thinking can get lost in the old school mentality. We want to bring in the new, and for you to be a part of it!