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Parent – Recruiter Meetings?

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Monday morning I was going through my voice messages. Post-interview debrief from a senior candidate, a client calling to confirm a candidate for a 2nd interview, a candidate leaving his information for a reference check, a colleague giving me feedback on an interview, a mother following up….

Wait a second, what?

Yes, you did read correctly and I did hear right – a candidate’s mother left me a message. She called in to share her displeasure with the fact that her son was not retained for a position and did not receive a call elaborating on the reasons why. I have to admit – after 7 years in the field, I thought I had seen it all. Yet again, however, I was reminded why I love recruitment so much – people never ceased to amaze and there is truly never a dull moment. I did once have a father call me to apply on his son`s behalf because said son was too busy to do it himself and I also had a mother email me to let me know that her son had good looks and the talent to be considered for a job. This particular voice message nonetheless outshone them all.

Is this a sign of complete infantilization of the new generation where parents feel that it is their duty to protect their off-spring even when they are well into their adulthood? Not only are teachers constantly bombarded with displeased parents and their unreasonable demands, but it is now also spilling onto the professional arena? Should we now host monthly or quarterly parent-recruiter meetings (à la PTA) for parents` concerns and suggestions?

Disappointments are part of life – let`s teach our kids to take initiative, be proactive and overcome obstacles at a young age. This way we won`t have to embarrass them when they are adults.