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The Follow Up: Making Yourself Memorable

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If you are wondering whether or not to follow up with your recruiter after your interview, the answer is yes! It’s important to maintain contact if you are truly serious about the position you interviewed for. But there’s more to know, so now let’s discuss why and how to follow up with your recruiter.

Why? I learned my first week in the recruitment industry that this is a intense work environment. There is a lot of effort that goes into finding the right individual for a position, and everything we do is treated with urgency. I would tell you that « the interview is only beginning », but in reality, by the time you find yourself sitting across the table from the recruiter, they may have already been working on this position for several days, weeks, or even months!

What does this mean for you? Last week we talked about being memorable by asking your recruiter good questions. The follow up is just as important. This is your chance to keep that memory alive and elongate the impression you made during your interview. It shows an extra level of seriousness, and it’s also a kind and professional gesture appreciated by recruiters (at least the ones I work with). You can be sure that this gesture is taken into account when trying to find the right candidate for a position.

How?  This requires a bit of finesse on your part. Remember, recruitment firms are constantly on overload. The best, most convenient way to follow up with your recruiter is to send an email. Your email should be short, polite, and memorable. You can organize just what you want to write, and you can guarantee that your recruiter will see it, whereas if you call the recruiter might be in a meeting or juggling various other activities. If you are truly interested in the position, indicate a specific detail of the job description discussed during your interview the day before.

You can do as much harm as you can do good. It’s important to make sure that there are no typos or errors. Even more importantly, keep in mind that your purpose is to be memorable, not to find out if you are getting the job. If you contact your recruiter less than 24 hours after your interview with your recruiter to find out if you are going to have an interview with our client, it is not likely that we will have any news. If you try to contact the recruiter several times in the days following your interview, you risk seeming less than professional and a bit too eager.

The follow up is an important step in your job hunt, but it is both easy to overlook and easy to make the wrong impression. It’s important to know the purpose of a follow up and the guidelines about correctly executing a follow up that leaves a lasting, positive impact.