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The Ideal Candidate: Making Yourself Memorable

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Being prepared for an interview is, without a doubt, imperative to successfully finding employment. The more prepared you are, the easier it is to navigate through what can be a stressful undertaking.

If you have ever looked up interview prep material you will notice that a key component to a successful meeting is to ask the employer good and relevant questions about the position as well as the company as a whole. Employers appreciate that the candidate is noticeably showing a keen interest in the position and take their career seriously.
I have also noticed as a recruiter in a headhunting firm that a majority of the candidates will not ask me those same questions. The most common question asked is the company name. This is a missed opportunity for job seekers! The company name is a basic question, and much more information could be found out by asking the recruiter a small handful of intelligent questions.
I realized this recently when I interviewed a junior candidate and was pleasantly surprised by her line of questioning. She asked me about company structure, culture, who she would be reporting to, first year expectations in the role among other questions. Her curiosity and the quality of her questions left a lasting impression, which should be your goal when interviewing.
I was more than happy to answer her questions and left the interview feeling that perhaps she was too inexperienced for the position we discussed, but would be someone I would definitely market to other clients for better suited opportunities.
Being engaged also allows us to know more about your personality and level of interest in the position. We put great emphasis on culture fit and can determine what kind of work environment you would be best suited for.
The impression you leave on an agency recruiter should not be underestimated. Recruiters appreciate well-rounded, engaging candidates and will be able to present them to clients with more confidence and in greater detail. Find out more about bringing your own questions to the table, and make yourself memorable at your next interview!