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The modern workplace or Our favorite kind of client

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As a recruitment & HR consulting firm, we come across a great variety of companies, all varying in their industries of specialization, size and of course internal culture. Our main criterion when taking on a new client is ensuring that they have a good reputation. Beyond that, we give our undivided attention and focus to every client and to every mandate we receive. That being said, we have our favorites, of course!
So, what makes a company exciting to a recruiter? Here are three categories our favorites fall into:
       Amazing compensation.
We have seen so many companies that “use and abuse” their employees that it is purely refreshing to have clients that don’t. It is, however, really rewarding to recruit for firms that go above and beyond to compensate their staff. Companies that offer comprehensive benefits plans, RRSPs, paid overtime, tuition funds, cell phones or blackberries, coveted concert tickets and other perks make a recruiter’s job so much easier. There are, however, companies that go even beyond that! To reward his staff of over 100 employees, one of our clients took the whole company on an all-inclusive trip down South to a five-star resort. Jealous anyone?
       Flex hours.
Have you ever worked in an office where an unmotivated, and hence scarily aggressive, receptionist sits at the entrance and writes down the minute you walk in and out? Fortunately more and more companies are realizing that policing employees does little for their morale and productivity. Firms that allow their workforce to set their own schedules, as long as they respect the core hours (usually between 11 am and 3 pm) and work a full 35-40 hour week, benefit for a variety of reasons. First of all, an employee who feels in control is usually more motivated to perform. It is not all, however! Such flexibility also allows companies to access a wider pool of talent since employees can live in any area of the city (or the surrounding suburbs) but can still shorten their commute by avoiding traffic hours. And, of course, those employees that need to pick up their children from daycare or school at a specific time do not feel marginalized or constantly rushed as they can simply start their day earlier.
       Inspiring hiring manager.
A company can be small and simply unable to afford fancy perks or competitive compensation structure. I have noticed, however, that many job seekers are ready to sacrifice their “must-haves” when they are truly impressed with their future boss. A bright, articulate and inspiring leader can attract top talent in any field. You would probably be surprised at how often we meet people who worked at a company for many years at a lower-than-average compensation simply because of their bosses. On a flip side, an uncultured or arrogant manager who “rules with an iron fist” is unlikely to motivate either her staff of the recruiters trying to hire for her.
And as a moody and snappy receptionist is slowly becoming an endangered species, so are the companies who don’t fall into the categories above. Sure enough, shabby offices that don’t renovate for 20 years, pinch pennies and run their operation without a slightest bit of respect towards their staff still exist and will probably be around in the future. Fortunately for us, we don’t have to align ourselves with them and can focus on working with clients we are proud to represent and introduce to you!