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Our New Mission & the Next Most Important Trend in Hiring

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Refuting Old School Recruitment Practices was Pronexia’s original mission. It was not only the new trend in hiring, but also a much needed shift in recruitment. Our company was defined by this mission and it allowed us to set a new standard. As a result, we scaled the company organically and authentically.

The time has come for us to pioneer a new standard in recruitment. Time for us to lead the next trend in hiring. Time for us to redefine our mission and to revisit the processes that support us in our new quest.

Our New Mission

Our new mission is to make H2H (= human-to-human) hiring the new standard. No more hiring for companies.

Companies are investing in their internal culture more than ever. 94% of executives believe that a strong culture is key. And yet, as much as we agree, we have realized that when it comes to hiring and when it comes to employee happiness, a focus on culture doesn’t seem to be enough.

Companies are investing in their internal culture more than ever. And yet, study after study report that 70% of employees are disengaged. Study after study report that at least half of all employees are unhappy at work. Not neutral. 50% are actually unhappy. And we also know that most people quit their jobs not because of a weak culture, not because of salary, not because of a long commute, not because of work-life lack of balance. Most people quit because of their boss.

And so armed with that knowledge, we couldn’t help but think.

If people quit people, not companies, then why are we still hiring for companies, hoping that it all works out?!

What if we stopped fixating on the company that we are hiring for and started to fixate on the specific leader we are hiring for?

We got challenged on this a lot.

Most people argued that a strong clearly defined culture would create cohesiveness among its leaders and hence a uniform employee experience. In theory, perhaps it would make sense. In practice, it doesn’t.

Haven’t you met people who worked at the same company, an employer of choice even, and yet their employee experience was profoundly different based on the team they belonged to? We see it all the time.

H2H Replacing B2C, applied to hiring

Shifting to a new mission is more than just changing a few words on the website. As always, we went all in and accompanied the shift with a myriad of changes, all with H2H and personalization in mind.

Here are some of them!

  • scroll over the logos on our home page and you will see the specific leaders we hire for
  • the next edition of our conference highlights individual people within organizations whose stories are best leveraged to showcase the internal culture
  • as part of our process, we interview each hiring manager in great detail; job description and requirements are secondary
  • we have restructured our roles internally and now have Talent Strategists who work directly with hiring managers and job candidates. No more separation of client versus candidate as part of our internal process
  • we are placing an even bigger focus on events because emails and phone calls simply cannot replace in-person connection. Keep an eye on the HR Influencers association we are building, attend our Breakfast & Learns, the annual conference of course, and more
  • Executive Search is becoming a bigger focus for us than ever before! After all, what better way is there to inspire hiring managers to adopt the H2H approach than by inspiring them with it during their own job search?
  • personalization is the cornerstone of our new mission; we are even leveraging smart content capabilities as part of that!

Do you have more ideas on how we can support our H2H mission even further? Interested in joining us in this new hiring + recruitment trend? We are all ears!

Hiring for companies is a thing of the past; please join us in our mission to make the hiring process feel .. human!