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Tired of Cleaning up our Competitors’ “Mess”

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Google “Horror Stories about Headhunters” and you will get 196,000 hits.
Ask your friends about their experience dealing with recruitment agencies and at least every second story will be appalling.
I bet you too might have a story or two to share.

We hear these stories all the time. Often they come from potential candidates who flat our refuse to come in for an interview because they have been “burned” by recruitment firms too many times. Other times, they come from interviewees who reluctantly share their discouragement and confusion as to why recruiters treat them so poorly.

Here is what people have to say to describe 3rd party recruiters. They:
– Make you wait in reception for unacceptable time periods and do not apologize when they finally come to greet you
– Don`t read your resume prior to meeting with you
– Ask ridiculous question of the `if you were a color, which color would you be` variety
– Don`t really listen to anything you say despite active nodding and taken endless notes
– Pitch you a job that has nothing to do with what you described you targeted
– Get irritated when you explain that you are not interested in the position
– Give very vague feedback when asked for constructive criticism or suggestions on how to better target your search
– Fish for `leads` by insisting that you tell them where you already interviewed or which companies you have approached
– Adhere to top secrecy policy when it comes to revealing who their clients are
– Wrap up the interview and never emerge in your life again, ignoring all your phone messages and emails asking for follow up

I find the above not only appalling, but simply embarrassing.

We do take pride in the fact that people leave our offices telling us that it was the best experience they ever had with a recruitment firm. That being said, however, we often have to work hard to even convince people to come in for a meeting with us in the first place. Unprofessional recruiters burn bridges for all of us and create a terrible reputation of the industry in general.

There are many benefits in dealing with recruiters, including the fact that you are often exposed to positions that are not advertised elsewhere. How badly do you need to treat someone for them to choose to keep all these doors closed as long as it means not dealing with a recruitment firm? Our competition proves that in this particular respect they are highly successful.