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“Voyeurism” on LinkedIn?

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If you are an active user of social networking sites, you probably know that, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn offers its users transparency when it comes to seeing who views their pages. It is a great option since it allows you to have an idea of the types of individuals (their titles, location, etc.) that are interested in your background. You can even follow up by reaching out to them to see what prompted their curiosity. Personally, I have made some great connections thanks to this feature.
I have to admit, however, that I find it slightly disconcerting when I see the same person visit my page on a daily basis (with perhaps an occasional “day off”). Had it been the case with Twitter, Facebook or this blog, I would understand since my news feed is constantly changing on all three. The LinkedIn page, on the other hand, is quite static, and it is difficult to appreciate one’s interest in diligently visiting it on such a regular basis. In my case, one of my former bosses and certain former colleagues are clearly avid fans. They come to my page so often that I almost feel uneasy about the fact that there is nothing new for them to see. I should maybe commit to updating my photo at least every week, or perhaps change the description of tasks in my current or past employment. Since the visits are more frequent than that, however, I should probably make these updates on a daily basis.
All kidding aside, LinkedIn is a professional site used to build your professional image and credibility. My advice would be to abstain from creeping on someone’s page like a dedicated stalker. After all, why would you want to leave an awkward impression of yourself?