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What NOT to say in a phone interview!

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What NOT to say in a phone interview!

We decided to brighten up your Friday morning with a true story!

Here is an excerpt from a phone interview with a candidate:

          Why are you interested in joining our team as Headhunter?

          Well, I got an offer from recruitment firm X, but their salary was low. And then I saw your ad and the salary was higher and the company is bigger.

          That is interesting because our company is actually substantially smaller than the one you mentioned.

          Oh, is it? That’s ok. Your salary is better.

          But we didn’t include any details regarding the salary in the ad…

          You didn’t? Was it another one then? Well, whatever. I am interested anyway.

We do understand that an active job seeker applies to dozens of companies on a daily basis and is sometimes unable to remember every application on the spot. What do you do in such a case? Let your phone go to the answering machine. Once you receive a message, search the company name online and look through your applications to refresh your memory. If you absolutely must answer every incoming call, take down the caller’s information and ask if you could call them back within 30 minutes. Any solution is better than sounding unprepared on the phone – please do your homework & it will pay off!