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You are the 20th Recruiter to call me!

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One of our recruiters just got off the phone with a candidate who left the impression of being both conceited and arrogant. Perhaps it was not his intention to be rude, but when you start the conversation by sighing and saying, “you are the 20th Recruiter to call me,” you are bound to come off as such.

Interestingly, it is always the job hoppers or the mediocre applicants who are the most unpleasant during phone and in-person interviews. Having had the pleasure of working on several high-level mandates this year, I can tell you that people who are actual top performers in their fields (and happen to receive regular headhunting calls despite never submitting their resume anywhere in years) are the most pleasant and humble candidates.
How would you feel as a job seeker if you received a call from a recruiter who sounded disinterested and informed you that you were the 20th candidate he was calling for the same position? Would you be impressed if said recruiter started his introduction by: “not to brag or anything but…”. Professional courtesy is a two-way street, and adults are expected to demonstrate some basic manners when dealing with others.
At the end of the day, if you are fatigued from too many phone interviews, here is a tip for you – stop plastering the city with your application.