Strategy, Innovation & Storytelling at the Core of your Company Culture

What does “company culture” actually mean and how can modern businesses create it and maintain it?  We know that company culture is the “heart and soul” of any organization, the guts, the inner-workings – where the “real” lies – which cannot be quantified, classified, or easily explained.  Yet, twenty-first century business leaders, academics, and influencers have long made themselves clear as day: an unnamable “force” must be established at all costs, which drives true success at all levels.  Indeed, it’s time we began listening: sought-after by all yet mastered by few, company culture is, in reality, everything.

Sounds easy enough, right?  Definitely not.

In 2014, we organized and executed a unique invitation-only full-day event which focused on better understanding company branding and market-facing corporate identity. This year, we plan to investigate the reverse-side of the corporate equation, fixing our attention on company culture – the “heart and soul” of modern business at large.

“Informative” and “instructive” were the dominating characteristics of the previous event – which was great for 2014.  This year, however, we decided to leave behind the standardized business jargon – your university business textbook is sitting on your shelf collecting dust for good reason – and go with topics that, ultimately, are nothing short of deeply atypical, stimulating, pertinent, and overall more interesting.

The event will run from early morning to evening, and breakfast, lunch, and drinks (and excellent coffee) will be served throughout the day to encourage networking opportunities and to keep the brain power flowing.  Be warned: brains operating at ultra-high speeds will be at every turn, so do yourself a favor when you get dressed in the morning for the event: leave your business card, bring your opinions.


  • Why many entrepreneurs dislike HR & how the gap can and should be bridged
  • Company culture ≠ the perks you offer; ping pong tables and coffee machines are no longer your differentiating advantage
  • Transitioning an ‘old school’ business into current times without alienating existing staff
  • Banning CVs from your interview process – gasp! – it is possible
  • Selecting external headhunters that align with your culture + putting an end to the competition from your internal recruiters and sourcers
  • What your startup’s culture looks like during the seed and early stages from an investor’s perspective and how it affects future success … or failure
  • Preserving your internal culture and employee morale when your company is a media darling
  • Social entrepreneurship: catchy buzz phrase but what does it really mean for you?
  • Why meditation and mindfulness are the yoga of our generation
  • Forget about your culture – build a cult instead!